Business Process Management

PASS offers a structured business process management (BPM) service. We align your business with the expectations and requirements of your clients and provide governance of your process environment to improve agility and operational performance.

Business processes are critical to any organisation as they:

  • Generate revenue and often represent a significant proportion of costs
  • Ensure efficient, cost effective and improved business practices
  • Provide flexibility and adapt to change
  • Reduce errors and improve communication
  • Enhance workflow

PASS employs methods, policies, metrics and tools to continuously optimise an organisation's core operations, equipment and processes. Clients benefit from streamlined business processes where common goals are achieved.

The PASS Process:

  • Business architecture - strategize function and processes
  • Define - baseline the process or process improvement
  • Measure - measure and simulate the change to the process
  • Analyse - review measured results to determine optimal improvement
  • Improve - select and implement improvement
  • Control - control process improvements by user defined process monitors(dashboard)
  • Re-engineer - continuously identify further opportunities for improvement

The PASS BPM approach assists our clients to stay ahead through responding to changing customers, market and regulatory requirements faster than competitors. It enables clients to abstract business process from technology infrastructure, automate business processes and solve business problems.

BPM Consulting:

  • Business Process Architecture
  • Process Re-Engineering
  • Process Mapping
  • Work Measurements
  • Methods and Time studies
  • Six Sigma Deployments
  • Six Sigma Training
  • Lean