Productive Asset Support Solutions

Resources are tight, shareholders and clients are more demanding and the competition is getting smarter. Therefore, there is mounting pressure on companies to have effective physical asset management processes in place to optimize asset performance.

Productive Asset Support Solutions (PASS) provides a wide spectrum of physical asset management process services. Banking on more than a decade of experience and expertise as asset managers, we tailor physical asset management solutions to optimise performance, secure a return on investment and enhance clients' value offering.

Our ability to listen, comprehend and apply enables us to understand you and your operations and to devise well-designed, systematic solutions from concept to completion. Our solutions cover all stages of the physical asset management process, including initial appraisal, identification of assets, financial evaluation, analysis, strategies, training, consulting, implementation and evaluation.

Our services  in a nutshell95

Although international trends and statistics show that approximately 70% of asset improvement projects fail, this will not be the case if you choose us to partner with you. With our strong international knowledge, capabilities and commitment to assume responsibility for delivering, we are so confident in our ability and processes, that we help shoulder the risk.

PASS has offices in South Africa and Australia and we serve clients globally. We stay ahead of our competitors through innovation and partnerships with global experts across various industries. We don't merely consult and support from a distance, we prefer a hands-on approach where we join the client on the ground and form part of the site structure through delivering day to day services. We partner with you for the life of the project, offering long term asset management partnerships and solutions that differentiate us and put us ahead of the rest.