About Us

PASS was founded in 1992 as an automation and project management company. We soon realised a need for physical asset management improvement services with regard to plant maintenance and supply chain management solutions and began developing services and solutions to meet this need.

Today, we address the ever increasing need in the industry for improved supply chain management, plant maintenance and warehousing services. Our staff members are constantly exposed to new developments through training, conferencing and on site challenges that enable us to learn and adapt as necessary. Our company is continuously evolving and employing experts across industry sectors and the globe to remain competitive.


We have a strong focus on physical asset management including resourcing, as skilled labour is in short supply in this day and age. PASS takes care of the key back-end of enabling optimum plant availability, while you focus on the front-end of running your business.


It is our company's philosophy to conduct all business according to sound business ethics and the highest industry standards. We believe in open and honest relations and dedicated service delivery. Quality service and client satisfaction are non-negotiable. When measured and compared we almost always come ahead due to our quality control measures, policies, procedures and best practices.

Our Mission
To establish or improve our clients competitive edge through customised solutions that lead to their success.

Our Commitment to Our Clients
Others aim at benchmarks - we assist our clients in achieving them. Clients are the reason for our existence. Profits are an outgrowth of providing outstanding value to our clients.

  1. We are committed to understanding our clients' unique and changing requirements and needs
  2. We strive to achieve unmatched client value. We regularly measure how well we are meeting clients' needs and requirements
  3. We provide integrated and customized services of the highest quality, resulting in the best total client solution
  4. We actively seek mutually beneficial, long-term partnerships with our clients. The ability to help our clients succeed is the key measure of the success of our partnerships
  5. We promise only what we can deliver
  6. We work as one to continually improve the value we deliver to our clients

The Process
During the initial consultation, we spend individual time with clients to acquaint ourselves with their type of business and operations. Our uniquely structured processes dovetail with each client's requirements. These processes are the heart of our offering and are underpinned by solid and thoroughly researched business concepts.

We employ Associations of Excellence, formed from global networks and focusing on the development and implementation of client service and supporting tools. These teams develop and maintain relationships with clients, ensuring that best practices are implemented across all solution sets and throughout PASS operations.

Our two-stage Process

  • Phase 1: Audit, assess, recommend and train to enable internal implementation.
  • Phase 2: Enter into a partnership to ensure the effective implementation of the improvement process based on defined, measurable improvements identified during phase 1.